Ride2Survive Sullivan County, Inc.

Our Founders

Ride 2 Survive-Sullivan County, Inc. is a community based volunteer organization whose mission is to assist with transportation expenses for Sullivan County residents or those receiving treatment locally, who are under the care of an oncologist and who have been diagnosed with cancer or pre-malignant conditions.

Transportation expenses will be supplemented to patients receiving cancer treatment at an accredited institution.  Every patient will be considered when an application is received.

The following is a statement by the founders of Ride 2 Survive-Sullivan County, Inc., Glorianne Ellison and Kara Passante, explaining  how Ride 2 Survive Sullivan County, Inc. came to be.

“We were both diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. We both have been deeply touched by the generosity of so many. Our family, friends and community have been a tremendous source of support throughout our battle with breast cancer. Our community loved us through it and now it is time to pay it forward. We understand that even with health insurance, the hidden cost of transportation related expenses can be a source of anxiety to many. It is our hope that Ride 2 Survive – Sullivan County will ease the burden of expenses related to transportation.”