Ride2Survive Sullivan County, Inc.

Our Board

The Ride 2 Survive  Sullivan County Board was established by founders Glorianne Ellison and Kara Passante in 2013.  Together the board members have reached out to cancer patients with travel-to-treatment assistance.

The Board members have fundraised through bake sales, duck print sales, and, especially, the very successful Annual Ride 2 Survive Dinner Dance every November.

Many community and school groups have heartily supported the cause by fundraising as well.  Through horse shows, a circus, free roller skate, motorcycle event, basketball, soccer, and volleyball tournaments, “Wear a Hat in School” Project, Walk 4 Rides,  and our Sponsorship Drive, Ride 2 Survive has been blessed with the financial support and spirit of the Sullivan County community and its schools.

ride to survive sullivan county board members
Right to left: Joe Anne Baker, Phyllis Perry, Kara Passante, Kathy Welton, Regina Wagner, Lauren Ellison, Glorianne Ellison, Michele Hemmer, Carolyn Bivins

Glorianne Ellison, Co-Founder

Kara Passante, Co-Founder

Joe Anne Baker

Carolyn Bivins

Lauren Ellison

Michele Hemmer

Phyllis Perry

Regina Wagner

Kathy Welton